Summer cruise day 4

Wrenbury church lift bridge.

Wrenbury church lift bridge.

Hurleston to Wrenbury

Nine locks on todays session, all seem to be deeper than the ones we are used to on the Shropshire Union, but I guess that is down to the terrain. We stopped just short of Wrenbury near to the church lift bridge. Took the dogs for a walk in to the village via a field and the church grave yard.  Harry (dog) decided to eat a cow pat on the way to the shop, it was a fresh runny one but he seemed to be enjoying it. So who else is going eew?! Strangely I did not let him go for seconds on the way back.

It has not been shallow as predicted by the guide book, the lock keeper at Hurleston said we would be fine and my fishing gear says its five foot deep just here. There is an old working boat moored up ahead and he says he is going to the end (Llangollen) his boat is 34 inch draft so we will be keeping an eye out for him to see if he has any trouble.

Wildlife wise we woke up with a heron sitting on the towpath just behind us and seen two others during the day, also seen a brown dragon fly.

Tomorrow brings Grindley brook Staircase locks and we should be mooring at Ellesmere,  that should mean we can stock up on sausages and bacon.

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Summer cruise day 3

Audlem to Hurleston


The Shroppie Fly, Audlem

We used to go to the Shroppie Fly everytime we visited Audlem, it has changed hands recently and have heard rumours its not like it used to be. We gave it a miss this time much to Elianne’s disappointment. Maybe we will give it a try on the way back next week.

Where is George?

Where is George?

Disappointment: I thought Canal and River Trust had given George’s Pork and Poultry a reprieve and we were quite looking forward to some of his famous sausages, but when the got to Audlem bottom lock we find the shop closed and just an honesty box for some vegetables. No Sausages for breakfast tomorrow, we really should have spent more money at Adderley Wharf yesterday.

Ssssh! its a secret.

Ssssh! its a secret.

After leaving Audlem its a few miles to Hack Green where we find a sign pointing to a secret.

Yes there is an old nuclear bunker but its not a secret, its got a massive radio tower with a couple of microwave dishes hanging off it. Now if my memory is right C2 internet used to have some space in this bunker as a data centre, they might even still be there. The Nicholson guide says this highly unusual attraction would be home to the select few in the event of a nuclear strike.

Will have to give it a visit sometime even if just to see some 1970s hardware.

IMG_0077If I was not on holiday I would be in Birmingham at Linx82 today and tomorrow with a hundred or so other internet people finding out whats new and socialising with my peers. I don’t like to miss a Linx meeting but the last few years I have managed to miss the summer event, next year I will remember to check the dates before we plan our summer break.

Just the 6 locks and the wildlife has been light today unless you count the flock of a few hundred Canada geese near Hack Green, very glad we did not moor near that lot.

We start heading up the Llangollen canal in the morning but Linda has spotted a problem with our goal of getting all the way to the end, the guide says there is only 24 inches of draft past Pontcysyllte toward Llangollen. The boat is just less than 27 inches so we may well be turning round in the Trefor winding hole as we have done before. 🙁

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Summer cruise day 2

Been a nice day, only had 1 shower and that was more of a few drops.

IMG_0062The photo is the old Cadbury’s wharf just up from Shebdon, in the foreground is the boats solar panel (125 watts of free power it keeps the batteries charged even on a dull day except in the winter when it cant keep up with the fridge, may end up adding another panel to solve that one)

21 locks in 3 flights Tyrley, Adderley and Audlem. We are currently moored in the pound between locks 11 and 12 on the Audlem flight, 4 more locks in the morning and we have a nice long strech without any.

Wildlife today 3 herons all between Shebdon and Goldstone and 2 kingfishers 1 at the Cadbury’s Wharf and the other at the start of Woodseaves cut. There is what I think is a buzzard in a big tree opposite our mooring, it has a very loud call.

Spent 20 quid at the Adderley wharf farm shop all on pies and cakes. They are well worth the visit if you are in the area, they also do stands at local farmers markets.

So far the most annoying thing is Harry barking at anything that passes by, anyone know a good way to get him to stop?

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Summer cruise day 1

So lets try this again, No iPhone app just straight in to Evernote and copy paste to the wordpress admin.

Set out from Norbury this morning with intention to get a few miles done before the rain. We made it to Shebdon wharf as what we thought was the start of the expected down pour arrived. Well since then we have only had a few short bursts and not the sustained rain we expected.

Ended up fitting a new lighter socket in the engine room so I could listen to my new DAB radio while steering. Of course the main reason for the radio is test match special, got to keep a handle on the Ashes, don’t want those Aussies to win even one game in the series.

Linda has been knitting a shawl, Elianne and granddad seem to have jewellery production line going.

Most importantly I broke my fishing duck with a small roach. Thats the first fish this year.

Tomorrows weather is looking like it will be good so will aim for Audlem.

Pair of kingfishers and a Heron at grub street.
A goose followed us from Shebdon farm to the wharf.

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Summer Cruise

Off on our holiday cruise


Well that was annoying. I had a nice post all ready to go on the iPhone WordPress app and when I changed it from draft to publish it did not send the new content it just published an earlier draft. Can’t find the content so I guess I will just revert to using the default web interface. Might even write posts in Evernote as that does not lose work.

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