New TV for the boat has arrived, text from DPD saying it would be here between 10 and 11, it arrived just after 10:30 nice to see a courier getting it right.

The TV itself has a good picture, but you would expect 1080P to look good at 22″ will see how good it is when its connected to a decent ariel at the weekend. One thing I do notice is the power consumption, the amazon page says 22 watts the packaging says 17 watts with a peak of 35 watts. I will take a guess that just watching TV is 17 watts and using the dvd player is 35 due to the motors.

Spinning media is so last decade.

On the subject of spinning media, the hard disk in my iMac at work finally gave up yesterday. Now replaced with a shiny new SSD and what a difference that has made, 2006 iMac feels like a new machine almost as quick as my late 2012 Mac Mini at home. It has got me wondering how much faster the Mac Mini would feel if it has SSD instead of the spinning disk.

The most annoying bit about changing disks is restoring from time machine, I had to do a full reinstall of Mountain Lion to create the rescue partition correctly, just booting from DVD and trying to restore from there failed as it could not create the required partition. Also my dropbox account details were not backed up and MS Office needed to have its key typed in again. So far thats the only problems will see what else I find out during the day.

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