Summer cruise Done!

Well thats it we got back to our home mooring at Norbury Junction yesterday.

Just the 5 locks at Tyrley and they were all in our favour as a boat at the top lock saw us entering the previous one and waited.

Linda did most of the steering once I had navigated us through the narrow Woodseaves cutting, that was probably the longest stretch of steering she has ever done. Only problem was due to being a bit over careful at a bridge. A boat was coming the other way and slowed for us but as Linda steered past them we got a bit to close to the towpath and ran aground, the boat we were passing found the mud on the other side of the canal too, it happens to all of us.

IMG_0077Weather wise it has been good only the one very heavy shower, all the other rain managed to be overnight or while we were in a pub, who cares if it rains when your not standing out in it? Not me.

Couple of annoyances, the little 300 watt inverter I use to charge my laptop (everything else on the boat is 12 volt). Laptop has an 85 watt PSU but every time I tried to use it without the engine running the would run for 2 or 3 mins and then complain (loud beeping) about being overloaded. Now this could be the boats leisure batteries getting to the end of their life but everything else was just fine, TV and fridge and all the lights just ran fine and the solar panel controller was telling me the batteries were putting out 12.8V or it might be the inverter, its cheaper the replace the inverter than the batteries so I will try that first.

The other annoyance has been the TV signal for most of the holiday we have not been able to get a reliable signal the omnidirectional arial even with a booster it just cant handle a weak signal, so I think its off to Maplin for me to look at something I can fit on an extendable pole.

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