Summer cruise days 8 to 11

Well due to the evil mobile blackspot that I mentioned in a previous post I decided to not update during the reverse of that section. We are now back in Audlem right outside the Shroppie Fly, popped in to grab a swift beer and find out if there was a table for tonight. Good news and bad news, first the good, it seems that the fly is going to get a refit, yes they are keeping the old boat bar but removing the boat roof to make it a bit brighter. plans are on the wall and look like quite an improvement. Bad news is the landlord and the chef have had a bit to a falling out so there is no food today. Shroppie fly used to have free wifi now its just a BT broadband access point. 🙁 Now I remember some posters hear last year about fibre for Audlem, I guess that has not happened yet.

BT exchange kit in the bunker

BT exchange kit in the bunker

We did the Hack green “Secret” bunker tour this morning, was exactly what I expected some seriously ancient comms gear in there (some of which we have at work) and some decommissioned nukes, it was never a launch site but it did add to the overall cold war experience.


Could you live on this?

Going backwards with this post Yesterday we did the last bit of the Llangollen canal and back through Nantwich were we saw this proper heath robinson boat, it was there on the way up last week too so it has also out stayed it 48 hour visitor mooring time. It looks like this might be someones home.

Mobile is still useless. Its messing me about with swapping from 3G mode to H both with reasonable signal but its swapping modes every minute ish. when it does this it goes through a reconnect sequence and everything stops. Lets see if it stays connected long enough to post.

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