Summer cruise day 5 and 6

I am writing this post in Evernote again for reasons that will become clear. In this connected world you would expect that between two towns (Whitchurch an Ellesmere) you would get at least some useful data service. Well iPhone on O2 is flipping between GPRS (o) and EDGE (E) I can’t even get a login prompt. Why even give the symbol if it can’t pass packets?

Mifi on 3 says no network and Linda’s iPhone on EE is saying no service.

Not been able to refresh my timeline on twitter for 10 hours now and worst of all I can’t do much about it, I really hope there is some working network when we finally get in to Ellesmere tomorrow lunchtime.

Anyway on with the usual update.

Day 5: Grindley brook was really slow going we sat between locks for two hours, later discovered some idiot in a hire boat had left paddles open at both ends of a chamber on the staircase and managed to ground the boat in the next chamber up. Now you could say it was the second boat that was at fault for not checking the paddles, but this lock flight is manned by a full time lock keeper and usually a volunteer too. There were two on duty, so where were they you ask? Well they were sitting in the hut having a cuppa.

We ended up moored almost in Wales the border seems to follow the canal for a bit.

Day 6: It was much further to Ellesmere than we thought, a good 2 hours cruising and there was no where to moor except the short arm that heads in towards town. This turned out to be the first shallow bit we had encountered, we gave up and used pins right on the outside of the bend. Not the best place judging by the damage to the pilings.

We left Ellesmere after stocking up on the essentials (Bacon, Sausages etc) just 6 more miles to The Jack Mytton Inn for some good food. Well just before we get to Mad Jacks  the skies darkened threatening rain, just a few spots if we are lucky…

We were almost rammed by a Canaltime boat running at full throttle round a blind bend under a bridge, apparently they did not hear my horn (probably due to the noise of his engine) I pointed out that rain did not suspend the speed limit, nod grumble chunter from him. Just after that the rain went a bit Noah on us for about 5 mins then a rainbow and the sun was back out right as we arrived at the pub.

We are all full of good food and cider now, I think it might have to be an early night, tunnels and aqueducts to do tomorrow. The weather is not looking good for Chirk so it might be a short day and hide from the rain in a pub. Such hardship!

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