Summer cruise day 2

Been a nice day, only had 1 shower and that was more of a few drops.

IMG_0062The photo is the old Cadbury’s wharf just up from Shebdon, in the foreground is the boats solar panel (125 watts of free power it keeps the batteries charged even on a dull day except in the winter when it cant keep up with the fridge, may end up adding another panel to solve that one)

21 locks in 3 flights Tyrley, Adderley and Audlem. We are currently moored in the pound between locks 11 and 12 on the Audlem flight, 4 more locks in the morning and we have a nice long strech without any.

Wildlife today 3 herons all between Shebdon and Goldstone and 2 kingfishers 1 at the Cadbury’s Wharf and the other at the start of Woodseaves cut. There is what I think is a buzzard in a big tree opposite our mooring, it has a very loud call.

Spent 20 quid at the Adderley wharf farm shop all on pies and cakes. They are well worth the visit if you are in the area, they also do stands at local farmers markets.

So far the most annoying thing is Harry barking at anything that passes by, anyone know a good way to get him to stop?

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3 Responses to Summer cruise day 2

  1. Merk says:

    Throw him overboard?

  2. Dave says:

    Citronella bark collar worked for us although the dog got used to it after a while. Shame you’ve already left, you could have tried ours.

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