iPhone 3.0 first impressions

main_homescreen20081204Well iPhone OS 3.0 is here and I can now cut and paste <sarcasm>Wow!</sarcasm>.

Tried to send a picture message and it failed but it does at least let you retry, it did finally send this morning so it might have been load on O2 or they were not ready for the update.

Can now subscribe to caldav calendars this is the first useful feature and means I now know who is on-call when I need them. Landscape keyboard in mail and messages will be great with my fat fingers, no landscape keyboard in the settings app 🙁 . Still can not have a sig for mail per account, come on Apple that would have been useful. Spotlight is good can now find that elusive email just as easy as on my desktops.

So far its not that much of an upgrade for me but I guess i will find more of the 100+ new features over the next few days.

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