iWork Numbers

Well I liked the idea of not having M$ Office installed on all my macs so grabbed a copy of the iWork 09 trial that was announced at Macworld this week. It installed just fine and looks very nice all you would expect from an Apple app, so time to try out the important bits and open a few spreadsheets from work. This is where the fail starts, first numbers can’t open an excel file that has a password on it so straight away I’m grumbling. Next I open a sheet with no password and it gets even worse, an importing dialogue opens and tells me that split panes is not supported and its also un-hiding all my hidden rows and columns. Well that means numbers is not good enough to replace Office for me and I really do like keynote over powerpoint, not even got round to trying to open a word doc as I’m now expecting that to be just as bad with the importing.

This had better not be a sign of the things to come with iLife as I have already pre ordered that just for the face recognition stuff in iPhoto.

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