Day Four – Harecastle Tunnel and Caldon Canal

We expected to be in the queue at Harecastle for most of the morning so set off early. Two locks later and the tunnel keeper waved us straight through πŸ™‚ from the tunnel it is all flat until the start of the Caldon canal where there is a staircaise lock.

Middle gate of the Staircase at the start of the Caldon Canal

Middle gate of the Staircase at the start of the Caldon Canal

Caldon starts out in a very industrial way and eventualy breaks out into some very nice scenery. We got to stop the traffic at a powered lift bridge once we worked out how to use it, further on up and there is a five lock flight. Some muppet had left paddles open at both ends of one of the locks so the water was very shallow above it, the boat in front of us let water down from the next lock and all was sorted.

We ended up at the Holly Bush Inn for food (and beer) huge portions here, the mixed grill was too much even for me. We may well stop here again on the way back to the ring.

Today we are off to the Churnet Valley Railway at Cheddleton as its right next to the canal.

Also looks like I’m not going to be posting any pics as I seem to not have a USB cable with me πŸ™

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